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Georgia - Grade 5 - Reading - Reading: Literature - Compare and Contrast Stories - ELAGSE5RL9


Compare and Contrast Stories


Compare and contrast stories in the same genre (e.g., mysteries and adventure stories) on their approaches to similar themes and topics.

Additional Info

  • State - Georgia
  • Standard ID - ELAGSE5RL9
  • Subjects - Reading Common Core
  • Grade - 5


  • Reading
  • Georgia grade 5
  • Reading: Literature

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Here is the skill that Georgia requires you to master

  • Grade Level 5
  • State Test GMAS (Georgia Milestones Assessment System)
  • State Standards Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE)
  • Subject Reading
  • Topic Name Compare and Contrast Stories
  • Standard ID ELAGSE5RL9
  • Description
    Compare and contrast stories in the same genre (e.g., mysteries and adventure stories) on their approaches to similar themes and topics.

Topic Definition

You will compare and contrast stories in the same genre on how they approach similar themes and topics. You will find similarities and differences using  evidence from the story.


  • theme
    —the universal idea in the story
    often teaches a lesson or presents a moral
    exampleBeing brave is difficult

  • topic
    the subject matter of the story
    theme is explored through the topic
    example: A character has difficulties facing her fear of moving to a new town is the topic. "Facing fears is difficult" is the theme. 

Stories in similar genres, like mysteries and adventures, may explore topics and themes in ways that are comparable. Read the stories carefully and identify the themes and topics to make a comparison. 

Text Lesson

Passage 1

1. It was a clear and beautiful day at Castle Windworth. Sir Wayne, the King's greatest and bravest knight, was preparing for battle. He was about to face his biggest challenge. The fierce Red Dragon was attacking the villages in the kingdom and had to be stopped. Only Sir Wayne had a chance to stop him.

2. Sir Wayne carefully dressed in his shiny suit of armor. As the King's top knight, Sir Wayne was rewarded with armor plated with gold. His squire handed him his long sword and he placed it at his side. He then whistled for his horse while grabbing his helmet. He mounted his horse as the villagers looked on and cheered his name. "For the king!" Sir Wayne shouted. He rode bravely towards Dread Mountain to face the Red Dragon. 

Passage 2

1. After a day's ride, Sir Wayne approached the base of Dread Mountain. The air was cold and the wind blew hard. Sir Wayne could see Red Dragon's cave up ahead. He could hear the fierce roar of the dragon and fire shooting from the mouth of the cave.

2. Sir Wayne slowly got off his horse, then suddenly became frozen with fear. He fell to his knees and wept like a small child. The mighty Sir Wayne could not stop thinking about the dangers that lie ahead. He had never felt fear as he felt it then. 

3. After a few moments, Sir Wayne rose to his feet and set out to do what he knew he had to do. 

When reading two passages within the same genre, look for how they compare and contrast. The two passages above share a common topic and theme. Can you guess the topic and theme? In both passages, Sir Wayne is on a quest to defeat the Red the Dragon and save the villages in the kingdom. The passages differ in that passage 2 shares how Sir Wayne felt and the strife he faced before the battle. Whereas, in passage 1, those details are left out. Both passage share a common theme: Being brave can be difficult. 

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