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Virginia - Grade 1 - Reading (SOL) - Reading - Sight Words - 1.5.h


Read and spell commonly used sight words.

Additional Info

  • State - Virginia
  • Standard ID - 1.5.h
  • Subjects - Reading
  • Grade - 1


  • Reading (SOL)
  • Virginia grade 1
  • Reading

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Identify text features such as pictures, headings, charts, and captions.

Count phonemes (sounds) in one-syllable words.

(4.c) Identify letters, words, sentences, and ending punctuation. (13.b) Begin each sentence with a capital letter and use ending punctuation.

Read and spell simple two-syllable compound words.

Ask and answer who, what, when, where, why, and how questions about what is read.

Here is the skill that Virginia requires you to master

  • Grade Level 1
  • State Test Reading Standards of Learning
  • State Standards Standards of Learning
  • Subject Reading (SOL)
  • Topic Name Sight Words
  • Standard ID 1.5.h
  • Description
    Read and spell commonly used sight words.

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